Image Based Lighting

This project is a combination of the final project of CS22 3D Modeling and the CS89 Computational Photography course. It’s an implementation of Deb98, Rendering synthetic objects into real scenes.

Taking Photos

Take a photo for the chrome ball that is placed on the desk, and a photo for the desk as the background.

backgroundBall chromeBall desk

Generate environment mapping

Calculate the environment mapping using the ball’s image.


Make local scene inside Maya

For this scene, I made a plane with a specular material for the character to walk on.


Inorder to perform differential rendering, we need render three different passes. 1. Render the combination of the local scene and the object we want to place. 2. The other is a mask of the object, so we don’t perform the differential operation on those pixels. 3. The local scene itself without the object

object mask local


The last step is using those three rendered passes to combine the result.